Combining distributed energy with distributed money?

Key to a strategy to implement peer to peer alternatives on a wider scale, will be both the distribution of energy, and the social production of money.

Here’s an article showing how they are related.

The article is rich in links and citations, so I recommend reading the full version.

here’s a citation:

“once you have a company generating local energy, you have an asset that you can use to back up a local currency. The problem with many local currencies such as LETS is that they can’t be exchanged for things in shops, and are not much use to business. Lietaer said you have to start with the idea that the currency can be used by business, and then also by the community. A currency backed by energy achieves this. Then people can part pay their bills in the local money, which would liberate the workpower needed to start to implement localisation in other areas such as land use and community development. The currency would be of use to everyone, not just to people who want an aromatherapy massage, as can sometimes be the problem with LETS.”

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