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The Internet didn’t quite deliver on its original promise and today we’re talking with people who are fixing it.”

We’re very glad that Andrey Salomatin, creator of Code podcast (see original post here), got in touch to let us know about this recent podcast on what’s happening lately in P2P decentralized web development. If you’re interested in the history Scuttlebutt (a decent(ralised) secure gossip platform) and how it works; or you want an introduction to the Dat project (a nonprofit-backed data sharing protocol for applications of the future); and a “vision for the decentralized future”, Andrey and his five guests share their experiences and reflections. This is certainly more technical than most of the material we share on the P2PF blog, but there is plenty of food for thought here for anyone interested in the future of the decentralized web.

Andrey Salomatin: Slack servers are down and work stops. Facebook sells users’ personal data to third-parties with no negative consequences to the company. Turkey successfully blocks citizens’ access to Wikipedia. Those are all results of peoples’ decisions of course, but there’s also something else at play. Our mainstream technology stack makes execution on all of those decisions ridiculously easy.

The Internet didn’t quite deliver on its original promise and today we’re talking with people who are fixing it.



  • 00:07 Introducing the topic
  • 01:57 Limitations of centralized systems
  • 04:57 Introducing Jon-Kyle
  • 05:57 Introducing Zenna
  • 08:23 Introducing Mathias
  • 11:20 BitTorrent and scale
  • 14:19 Multiple versions of the truth, version control systems (Jon-Kyle)
  • 19:16 Introducing Christian
  • 20:08 Git internal structure
  • 22:03 Benefits of Git architecture
  • 27:03 Why is Git not decentralized
  • 32:23 How Dat started, tech description of the protocol (back to Mathias)
  • 45:28 Dat usecases (Mathias and Jon-Kyle)
  • 51:42 Future of Dat (Mathias)
  • 53:54 Introducing Mikey
  • 55:07 History of Scuttlebutt
  • 56:22 How Scuttlebutt works
  • 65:30 Usecases for Scuttlebutt
  • 69:29 Vision for the decentralized future (Zenna)
  • 71:39 Final thoughts on the topic, summary, thanks

Find us in P2P networks

  • This episode in Dat:
  • This episode in IPFS:
    cheat through a https gateway
  • Andrey in Scuttlebutt:
  • Zenna in Scuttlebutt:
  • Mikey in Scuttlebutt:


Links: Git

Links: Dat & Beaker

Links: Scuttlebutt

Episode was produced by Andrey Salomatin.

Music by Mid-Air!

Code Podcast is about ideas that shape the way we build software. It’s like Planet Money for developers.

Each episode we interview people with different views on a single topic. We break down complex ideas to present why and how they are used to build modern software.

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