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Beyond Disaster Capitalism — Jonny Gordon-Farleigh

“What if the expected responses during disasters either fail to occur or are only marginal? What if the temporary breakdown of social hierarchies allows for new ideas and systems to emerge? What if disasters resolve pre-existing conflicts? And what are the new political powers of this ‘community of sufferers’?”
The Blitz — Rebecca Solnit

“Some spread out to camp in forests, caves, and the countryside outside London. Many became so inured to falling bombs they chose to stay home and chance death for a good night’s sleep. Connelly says, “The people’s role in their own defense and destiny was downplayed in order to stress an old-fashioned division of leaders and led.”
Extreme Cities: The Peril and Promise of Urban Life in the Age of Climate Change — Ashley Dawson

“Cities are not homogenous, though, they are sites of extreme class and race inequality — it’s always the most marginalised communities that are affected.”

Beside the Bombs: Building a New Life with Bare Hands
Jo Taylor

After the Angry Sea: Co-operatives Rebuilding After the Tsunami
Stirling Smith

EPIC Homes : Extraordinary People Impacting Community 
Nadhira Halim

The Mondragón Experience to the Preston Model
Julian Manley

Uneven Burns: California’s Climate-Fueled Wildfires
Robert Raymond

Book review: Crashed by Adam Tooze
Hanna Wheatley

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