Co-Mapping our Transition Towards Abundance for All
The Social Network we Truly Need
An Open Design Proposal
by Julia Pichler 

This excellent proposal by Julia Pichler, who is an architect and designer with a background in permaculture lays out how a P2P based society could grow from the bottom up.

The comprehensive strategy of the design proposes a collective mapping tool to stimulate participation and coordination.

With this approach, P2P could gain real relevance in society and become a truly transformative movement. 

The emphasis is on sustainable local production of food, mapping water resources, saving and improving seeds, improving the environment, local production, maker spaces and economic fairness. This will have appeal for the people who are needed to do the work of transition towards a world of abundance.

A pdf version of the design proposal is available on I highly recommend reading it. With this type of approach, P2P could become a seriously transformative force in society.

Julia Lou Lila (Julia Pichler) needs your help to correct and produce a final version of the book.

This is the pdf of the final draft version…

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