Class Composition in Cognitive Capitalism and other P2P conferences

Michel Bauwens:

Dear friends, I am starting an intensive trip to Europe where I will be attending four seminars. I’m not sure I will be blogging much during this trip, but I’m pretty sure the friends and associates of the P2P Foundation will keep this a lively place.
First, starting on Friday, April 21, the first ever P2P seminar, i.e. dealing exclusively with P2P Theory and peer to peer trends as we understand them at the P2P Foundation, in Louvain, Belgium, starting today (Novotel, Vuurkruisenlaan). It is organized by W-S Networks.

Second, on April 27, two seminars in the business school of the University of Amsterdam, organized by Rik Maes and Dr. Huizing, respectively for the course ‘Filosofische aspecten’ and for the Primavery working group.

Third, starting on April 28, the, and hold your breath for its long title: “Immaterial Labour, Multitudes, New Social Subjects: Class Composition in Cognitive Capitalism” which will bring together a distinguished cast of speakers on the left of the P2P Spectrum: Toni Negri, Yann-Moulier Boutang and other of the French-Italian school of thought usually congregating around the Multitudes journal. See here for further information. There is an interesting archive of historical texts available online. I have an updated essay for this conference, which you can request by email.

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