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Reposted from Shareable; Ambika Kandasamy takes us through some of the best sharing events happening this fall.

Are you deeply plugged into the sharing movement or simply curious about how the sharing economy works? Whether you’re a veteran of the movement or a newcomer, the sharing events happening around the world this fall are bound to spark ideas for new ways to engage in the collaborative economy.

We’ve pulled together our top 10 sharing events — both large and small (out of a very long list) — taking place this season. Interested in cooperatives, permaculture, skill sharing, free and open software, and/or the commons? We have something for you.

We’re proud to partner with terrific organizations and individuals globally to support the first four events on this list. We hope to see you at one or more of these exciting gatherings!

  1. Shareable Labs


Please join us at Shareable Labs from Oct. 7-12 in Gijon, Spain. Co-presented with Las Indias Cooperative, Free Software Foundation, the Spanish Department of Defence, and other groups, this innovative event begins with a seminar on sharing cities and a GNU social camp. This will be followed by a three-day conference focusing on restoring local production with P2P, sharing cities, creating community resiliency, and financing the future of P2P. Read about last year’s event here.

  1. IASC Urban Commons Conference


We hope you make it to the IASC Urban Commons Conference in Bologna, Italy. The two-day conference, which starts on Nov. 6, will offer thought-provoking discussions on the urban commons and urban governance.

  1. Mountain View Skillshare


Swing by the Mountain View Skillshare on Sept. 26 for an afternoon of hands-on workshops and stimulating conversations. Some of the classes offered at the event, which is hosted by linkAges TimeBank in partnership with the City of Mountain View, include urban beekeeping, drought-tolerant gardening, and time-baking.

  1. Platform Cooperativism: The Internet, Ownership, Democracy


On Nov. 13, check out Platform Cooperativism: The Internet, Ownership, Democracy in New York City for “a coming-out party for the cooperative Internet.” Learn about why owning is the new sharing here.

  1. Western Worker Cooperative Conference


Like cooperatives? Check out the Western Worker Cooperative Conference that runs from Sept. 20-23 in Berkeley, Calif. Learn how to launch a cooperative and how to enhance communication among coop members, among other key topic areas. RSVP here.

  1. Building Resilient Communities Convergence


From social permaculture and community organizing to local currencies and economic resilience, the Building Resilient Communities Convergence has an array of skills-building workshops. The four-day event, which kicks off on Oct. 8, will be held at the Solar Living Institute in Hopland, Calif.

  1. Call for a Chamber of Commons


Picture used with permission from Cooperation 2015 conference in February, 2015

If you’re in Chicago on Oct. 10, stop by The Institute of Cultural Affairs (USA) for a meeting on creating an outline for a Chamber of Commons in the city. More details here.

  1. Sharing Day Nijmegen


Live in the Netherlands? Consider attending Sharing Day Nijmegen on Oct. 24 for an exciting day of learning how to share food, transportation, skills, and housing.

  1. Neighborhood Economics Conference


The Neighborhood Economics Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, centers on reimaging the current economic structures in place. The two-day conference kicks off on Nov. 17. Find more details and register for the conference here.

  1. OuiShare Fest Barcelona


The OuiShare Fest in Barcelona, Spain, focuses on the collaborative economy. Beginning, Nov. 19, the event will run for three days, and will provide a platform to discuss how companies and public institute can operate in the collaborative economy.

If you’re organizing or attending conferences, courses, or other events that focus on sharing in your city, please add it to our events calendar — we’ll help you spread the word!

Lead image courtesy of Flickr user Alan Levine.



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