Changing Models of Ownership

In societies saturated by hyper-consumption, the joy of acquiring, of holding the new object in your hands and knowing with satisfaction that it’s yours, is familiar. Equally recognizable, though, is that creeping anxiety when the sheen starts to fade and your mind gets distracted with a new, better, life-improving version, and at this intersection, ownership becomes a pain, a burden.

Shareable presents a three-part investigation of changing models of ownership, undertaken by Claro Partners.

“Claro Partners’ project Changing Models of Ownership and Value Exchange sought to understand how the concept of ownership and its transfer have changed – and are changing – in recent years, always taking into account social, technological and environmental factors. These insights, extracted by Claro from qualitative research across seven countries, will throw light on societies’ changing attitudes toward ownership and possession, together with implications on future commercial strategies as companies adapt to meet new needs and expectations.”

* Part One introduces the topic

* Part Two presents some business cases which illustrate ways in which companies are trying to provide solutions

* Part Three delves into the realm of personal data ownership, both online and offline

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