Celebrating participatory culture in music

Two items of interest: the travelling NetAudio festivals, and an interesting Swiss inititiative to collectively enjoy Creative Commons licensed music:

Thanks to the OpenBusiness blog, which is substantially improving its coverage of open music and film business models!


Netaudio’06 is a celebration of the communal effort and productivity of netlabel activists and musicians. The events will offer a platform for artists to display their work, expand their network within the community and facilitate opportunities to improve their skills.

Netaudio’06 promises exciting new music from artists whose music has been released through the medium of netlabels. It aims to offer a broad range of electronic music to both existing audiences as well new, introducing and promoting the netlabel format to a wider public.

netaudiolondon.cc is an online platform providing information about Netaudio’06 and other similar events worldwide as well as regularly reviewing netlabel releases.

Netaudio’06:London Netlabel Festival is a non-profit venture initiated by Cenatus Music Projects and represents the collaborative effort of many partners in London and worldwide.”


“Starfrosch is a user driven mp3 blog with podcasts. At starfrosch, living people submit music or videos. Social rating creates the charts. A moderator team takes care of the quality”

The system “uses Creative Commons licensed music (and video) to operate its blog and netradio. The website is user driven with a possibility to upload music and subsequently voting by listeners, which results in the weekly social chart. However, the Startfrosch moderating team decides which media is presented to the users to ensure good artistic quality. Podcasts and music can be downloaded using a Creative Commons license and users are encouraged to support the artists. According to the ranking, the tracks are then delivered to the music database of Digital Media Distribution, Inc. (DMD²), a swiss company who are specialized in creation operation of highly individualized radio solutions for business customers, from audio production to project management and the technical side of radio. Eventually, they are exposed to over 20 nonprofit radio channels that are operated by DMD².

The Starfrosch business model is based on “funâ€? and ads on the website finance the servers on which the podcasts are located.”

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