Can we raise $500 in 5 days?

We have just 5 days to raise the funds needed to keep the P2P Foundation Ning site alive.

The cheapest Ning plan available for a community of our size (689 members so far) is Ning Plus, costing $19.95/month or $199.95/year (saving 16%).

Our goal is to raise $500. In part, this is because $500 is the minimum goal allowed on IndieGoGo, the crowd funding platform we’d opted to use for this last-minute funding drive. We note, however, that this minimum may be a blessing in disguise, because it forces us to simultaneously raise extra funds towards the creation of a more long-term strategy, i.e. building the network a nice open source social networking/ publishing site using Drupal (probably starting off with the new Drupal Commons distribution from Acquia).

Please visit our page on IndieGoGo now and contribute what you can – Save the P2P Foundation Ning!

You can read this post for the backstory on out how the P2P Foundation Ning came to exist in the first place.

Thanks in advance for your generous contributions!

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