Can the Commons offer a renewed vision for Europe?

This panel discussion was recorded during the recent TransEuropa Festival, held in Madrid. Moderated by European Alternatives‘ Marta Cillero, the panel features Iva Cucik (Belgrade don’t drown), along with my colleague Sophie Bloemen from Commons Network and myself representing the P2P Foundation and the European Commons Assembly. The discussion deals with the political challenges present in Europe today and how the Commons can offer alternatives which are not growth, or top-down dependent.

Photo by Lynn Friedman

1 Comment Can the Commons offer a renewed vision for Europe?


    Useful dialogue. Particularly interesting was the discussion of language in relation to political history – the waterfront development struggle in particular. Would be interesting to develop a contextual vocabulary linked to examples that would enable people to understand the cross-over between movements and projects that have significant alignment but different language. Moderator was very sharp…and of course Stacco -===brilliant.

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