Camille Kerr on Unionized Platform Cooperatives for the Caregiving Industry

This video from the amazing Platform Cooperativism conference that took place recently, brings the good news of the creation of transformative unionized labor platform coops for healthcare:

“Platform cooperativism has the potential to completely transform the caregiving industry – including childcare and homecare – into dignified jobs where people make a livable wage and have control over their work lives. Because of this potential, the ICA Group has been partnering with multiple divisions of the Service Employees International Union to research, build models, and launch unionized platform coops. For example, The ICA Group has been working with SEIU Public Services Division to develop a childcare platform solution that enables family childcare providers to benefit from shared services, centralized administration, as well as joint marketing services. The coop-network, likely to launch this coming spring, will further act as a bridge between industry, unions and policy-makers who share the goal of improving childcare jobs and quality.”

Photo by havens.michael34

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