Former intelligence operative calls for p2p revolution

Robert David Steele is a former CIA operations officer and senior civilian responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Center. In 1988 he realized that the US Government was spending all of its intelligence money on secret technical collection and virtually nothing on open sources of information. He became the global proponent for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), and from there advanced to M4IS2 Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information Sharing and Sense-Making. Now he is working on a Manifesto for Truth: Intelligence with Integrity in the Public Interest.

“One day I want to do for intelligence (decision support) what the Linux folks did for open source software. Everything open, starting with open source intelligence, open source software, open spectrum, and open data access. That allows the people to self-govern.”

Robert D. Steele’s talk is currently being circulated both in video and audio format by Anonymous and LulzSec hackers and sympathisers, who have recently announced via video Operation AntiSec and their joining of forces.

3 Comments Former intelligence operative calls for p2p revolution

  1. AvatarEver Presence

    Awesome…for lovers of truth & liberty ONLY. Anybody who complacently accepts the political-economic structures of the last century…is either an idiot, a robot, a slave, or one of the fat lying demagogues/tyrants sucking the lifeblood of earth and humanity while also sucking Satan’s cock. Wake up!

  2. AvatarMike Riddell

    Would @ever-presence please write a guest-blog for me? Seriously well put my friend!!!


  3. AvatarMike Riddell

    Guess what – the video’s now been pulled.

    Looks like the eye in the sky has decided that the truth ain’t for freeing.

    They want to start a fight, don’t they?

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