Bruno Chies is a student from the University of Gothenburg who’s taken an interest in the work of P2PFoundation and is conducting this survey, with the support of Michel Bauwens. The results of this survey will be used (together with other data) in a paper to be presented at a conference, where Bruno discusses the performative role of social and economic theory (in particular that of the P2PFoundation) in creating or shaping new market/commons arrangements and practices.

The point of the survey is to have a better understanding of P2PFoundation’s general public on the internet, as well as of its collaborators. It should give us an idea about the extent to which interviewees are engaged in peer production and their affinity with the ideas advocated by the P2PFoundation. The results will be shared and hopefully the data will be also useful to the p2p community.

You are all welcomed to take this survey!

Photo by US Embassy Canada

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