ESA RN18 MidTerm Conference 2016 Call for Papers

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ESA RN18 Mid-Term Conference Rethinking Power in Communicative Capitalism

Critical Perspectives on Media, Culture and Society

September 8-10, 2016

European Sociological Association (ESA) – Research Network 18: Sociology of Communications and Media Research in cooperation with:

ISCTE IUL – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia DINAMIA’CET – Centre for Socioeconomic and Territorial Studies

ICUB – Institutul de Cercetări al Universității din București/Research Institute of University of Bucharest

Keynote Speakers

Jodi Dean: Communicative capitalism and class struggle

Christian Fuchs: Karl Marx and communicative capitalism

Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline: May, 15, 2016

Notification of selected abstracts: June, 10, 2016

Conference dates: September 8-10, 2016

Call for Papers

Rethinking Power in Communicative Capitalism. Critical Perspectives on Media, Culture and Society

The proliferation of digital media in the 21st century has once again shown the deeply ambivalent and contradictory potentials of technological development.

Digital technologies have been celebrated for enabling new levels of democratic communication, participatory media production, community building and media activism. From Wikipedia, to open source programming, open access publishing, and peer-to-peer file sharing, we have witnessed the rise of a range of alternative forms of communication and media production that seemed to challenge established media business models and momentarily contested corporate power…

(see the ESA RN18 site for more information)

Please send your 250-500 words abstract to Romina Surugiu (University of Bucharest) [email protected], Roy Panagiotopoulou (University of Athens) [email protected], and Marisol Sandoval (City University London) [email protected]


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