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We are happy to announce that IPE is now accepting applications for the 2019 Junior Fellowship!

We will be able to host one young researcher for a six-month paid fellowship during 2019. Research proposals should be related to IPE’s project “SUPER DONUT: Sustainability on the periphery – distilling numbers for tomorrow”.


In 2017, IPE started a collaborative research project on indicators of sustainability under the working title SUPER DONUT. The main pillar of the project consists in (1) critically questioning the conceptual underpinning of the widespread macroeconomic modelling of transition towards a sustainable social metabolism in the 21st century (with a special emphasis on societies on the Southeastern semi-periphery of Europe); and (2) choosing indicators of social metabolism and development suitable for a scientific understanding of the sustainable social metabolism and for communicating with various social groups.

Simultaneously with the collection and analysis of data, as well as narrative and analytical justification of choices and normalisations of indicators, the team is developing modes of visualising indicators of sustainability along the lines of the ‘doughnut’ developed by Kate Raworth (Oxford). The indicators are presented as normalised values in the donut model, where the outer rim specifies the transgressions of known boundaries and the inner rim specifies shortfalls of desirable thresholds for a democratic society of significantly smaller environmental impact. Visual presentation of this indicator set is the essential communication tool of the research and advocacy activities of this project. Partial automation of the presentation of results for a broader range of countries is another activity under development.

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The application deadline is January 10 2019. Write to [email protected].

Check out the application call with all the necessary information HERE.

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