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Steve Ediger from the Chamber of Commons US has sent us the following info on the Chamber of Commons events taking place around October 10. Other commons-related events to check out in these dates include Somero 2015 in Gijón, Spain (which includes the Sharing Cities Seminar, the GNU Social Camp and ShareableLab Europe) and Le Temps des Communs, a 15 day festival centered on the rise of the Francophone Commons.

October 10, 2015 9:30am – 5pm
ICA Greenrise, 4750 N Sheridan Rd. Chicago, IL

Worldwide, numerous organizations are working to push back on the economic and political forces that increasingly threaten to enclose those things which we all own together, such as:

Air, public land, and waterThe Internet and the airwaves
Public spaces: parks, libraries, streets, etc.Taxpayer funded medical/scientific research
WildlifePublic education, transportation
The food supplyOpen-source software
The oceans, Antarctica and outer spaceArts and Culture


While the forces of neoliberalism and privatization support a variety of pro-growth, pro-business groups, the commons movement has yet to create an advocacy group to preserve its values and develop its economic models.

We call for the establishment of a Chamber of Commons USA on Oct. 10, 2015.

We’ll start with a Consensus Workshop on “How do we define Commons?” Then, we’ll create the actual plan for opening our first Chamber of Commons in Chicago. While we will be focusing on the Chicago region, we anticipate that this example will act as a template for the formation of other USA chambers.

Similar events are taking place all over the world on this date. See the p2p Foundation or the Commons Transition Plan for more information. In Chicago, we are inviting organizations, initiatives and individuals working on economic, environmental, community, and cultural sustainability, local commons-oriented organizations, national/international commons-oriented organizations with a presence in Chicago, commons-oriented organizations focused on immaterial commons (knowledge, software, etc.)

9:30amRegistration and Snacks
10:30amConsensus Workshop on “How do we define Commons?”
12:00pmLunch Break
1:00pmAction Planning Workshop to develop start-up plan for a Chicago Chamber of Commons


Register here


Call for Chicago Chamber of Commons

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