Building Communities of Commons in Greece: A Documentary on Networks in Sarantaporo area.

The Personal Cinema network has started a crowdfunding campaign at for the production and distribution of the documentary “Building communities of commons: A documentary on networks in Sarantaporo area”. The aim is to explore in depth the journey of the community “” by shedding light on its beginnings, its background, its aspirations and the diverse facets it can foster (aspects of social life, new technologies, etc).

Sarantaporo is an agricultural and husbandry area situated at the North of Greece. In 2010, a group of people set up a wireless community network in the area. Their mission was not only to deploy and operate a wireless network but also to built a community around it which will enable collaboration and promote the production of commons.

The funds to be raised by the campaign will allow for the completion of the documentary, and its utilization through screening events and open talks to raise awareness about the commons, community networks, peer-to-peer and solidarity-based cooperative models, etc.

Read more and support this effort here.

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