Building a movement for freelancers in Europe

The text below is taken from the European Freelancers movement’s campaign website, which is built on the book written by Joel Dullroy and Anna Cahsman: Independents Unite! If you are a peer producer, self-employed or part of a phyle collective, go read their manifesto and lend a hand to an emerging movement with your signature to the open petition.

About the European Freelancers Campaign

The European Freelancers Campaign was created as a result of cooperation between various European freelancers’ organizations, coworking space networks and many individual supporters. The idea for a large public action arose at a meeting of the European Forum of Independent Professionals (EFIP), the umbrella group for freelancers’ associations. With the European Parliament elections looming, it was decided to put freelancers’ issues on the political agenda by demonstrating the importance of our growing demographic.

The five points of our manifesto were drawn from a major academic study by Professor Patricia Leighton, who identified the key challenges faced by European freelancers.

In the future, we will use this web platform to launch new actions and campaigns that support the concerns of freelancers.


The European Freelancers Campaign was created by a team of freelancers committed to improving the condition of independent workers. Working in cooperation with the freelancers’ organizations of EFIP, we came up with a campaign concept, ran a crowdfunding appeal, built a website, and launched a messaging strategy. Our team includes:

Campaign manager: Joel Dullroy (Freelancers’ Movement)
Graphic designer: Paulo Melo (Paulo Melo)
Website developer: Philipp Hentschell (Welance)
Strategy: Rahul Schwenk (We Are Good Friends)
Video: Julianne Becker (Social Media Week Berlin)
Campaign volunteers: Bianca Gabbey (King Kong Kommunikation), Jeremy Richter, Maisie Hitchcock (Radio Spätkauf), Richard G. and many more!

Freelancers Europe | Building a movement for freelancers.

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