Buen Conocer/FLOK Society: public policy and sustainable models for a social knowledge economy in Ecuador

Note from Michel Bauwens: Please note that the official publication is a censored version that leaves out the main strategic document about the FLOK transition, that was an integral part of the project. It is available through a selection of strategic documents about the FLOK, which was produced by CommonsTransition.org.


Originally published in FLOK Society’s website

The Buen Conocer / FLOk Society research project, presents the results of its work in the book Buen Conocer / FLOK Society: public policy and sustainable models for a social economy of common and open knowledge in Ecuador. The book analyzes and proposes lines of political action and productive projects in 14 subjects of the Ecuadorian economy considered strategic to change the productive matrix, such as education, science, culture, agri-food and bio-diversity, design and manufacturing, software, hardware, connectivity, ancestral knowledge and the popular and solidarity economy.

The launch of the book Buen Conocer / FLOK Society: public policy and sustainable models for a social economy of common and open knowledge in Ecuador will take place on June 16, 2015 in Quito, Ecuador.

The book contains the results of the research on public policies for the construction of a social economy of common and open knowledge in Ecuador; the edition of the book includes along its 800 pages, 14 documents, 27 authors, 14 reviewers, 911 comments of 122 people on the digital platform Co-ment, 196 participants (co-creators) in the Buen Conocer Summit in Quito and a total of more than 1,500 participants.

During the presentation of the book, the content of the Declaration of Buen Conocer, issued at the end of the Summit, held in Quito from 27 to 30 may 2014, will be re-edited. This declaration synthesizes the proposals of this transition to a common and open knowledge economy.

The Buen Conocer / FLOK Society book will be available for download since Tuesday, June 16 2015, at the site http://book.floksociety.org/, licensed by Creative Commons BY-SA (attribution share equal) Ecuadorian (v.3.0) and international (v.4.0) and GFDL (GNU free documentation license. The book was published in its digital version for the Buen Conocer /FLOK Society community, with the collaboration of aLabs association. It also has a co-edition in print by IAEN/CIESPAL.

The Buen Conocer/ FLOK Society project could be done under agreement between the Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales, Ministerio Coordinador de Conocimiento y Talento Humano and Secretaría de Educación Superior, Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación.

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The Buen Conocer /FLOK Society process

PART 1. Enhance the collective intelligence

    1. Education: Open educational resources

    2. Science: Collaborative, participative and open research

    3. Culture: Access and sustainability on an open culture era

PART 2. Productive material capacities aimed to commons

2.1 Agri-food: Open and sustainable agri-food system in Ecuador

2.2 Bio-diversity: Citizen science, ancestral knowledge and bio-diversity applied to social knowledge economy

2.3 Manufacturing: Open design and distributed manufacturing

2.4 Energy: Free/libre knowledge, distributed energy and social empowerment for energetic matrix change.

PART 3. Institutions, society and communities

3.1. Institutions: Knowledge society, social economy and partner State

3.2 Communities: Original, traditional and popular knowledge

PART 4. Open and free/libre technical infrastructure

4.1 Hardware: Innovation and production ecosystems based on open hardware

4.2. Software: Free/libre and open code programs in public administration

4.3. Connectivity: Accessibility, sovereignty and self- management of communications infrastructures.

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