Buddhist Geeks, Virtual Sanghas, and Cyborg Buddhas

Buddhist Geeks looks like an excellent podcast program on tech-savvy Buddhist practice, paying close attention to the relation between technology and subjectivity/spirituality.

Here are 3 remarkable podcasts, closed to the themes we follow in our wiki section on the topic:

Podcast 1: Jundo Cohen on the Virtual Zen Sangha

“Jundo Cohen, student of Gudo Wafu Nishijima Roshi, and abbot of the almost completely virtual Treeleaf Zendo joined us to discuss his virtual sangha. Jundo formed the community to meet the needs of those people who were living in highly isolated situations, or were too sick or elderly to continue to sit with a local Sangha. Using technological tools such as Skype, U-Stream, and Operator 11 Jundo has found a way to do daily sittings, ceremonies, and even retreats online.”

Podcast 2: Gregory Kramer on Interpersonal Meditation into Mutuality

“Gregory Kramer, teacher of an interpersonal meditation practice called Insight Dialogue (and author of a book with the same title) joins us to explore the question of, “What is the path of awakening, when we realize that we are essentially relational beings?” We discuss his early path as a meditator and the later work that contributed to the co-creation of the dialogic meditation practice, insight dialogue.

We also delve into the interpersonal truths behind the 4 noble truths, especially as they relate to interpersonal suffering and hunger, and see how interpersonal meditation is one way to become free both personally and relationally.

This is Part 1 of a two-part series. Check out Part 2, Insight Dialogue: Extending Meditation into Mutuality to hear the rest of this dialogue.’

Podcast 3: James Hughes on Cyborg Buddhas

“With radical advances in science in technology would it be possible for us to turn our world into a so-called, “Buddha Realm” or would it be more likely that we create some sort of God Realm, where awakening is discouraged because the conditions are so radically pleasant? And how specifically could these advances help us develop spiritually, on the path toward Buddhahood?

This week, we discuss this and other questions with professor James Hughes, author of the upcoming book Cyborg Buddha.”

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