Bottom-up Open Educational Resources

The future of the OER movement does not lie with large institutional projects, but with the students getting the support they need to take things in their own hands.

Via Sharing Nicely, which reports on an inspiring student-run project in South-Africa:

Rip Mix Learners is a student-run Open Courseware project, in which students make audio recordings of the lectures, compile class notes, and other materials and share them with their peers online. The site is publicly accessible, but our main audience are the students themselves. We have been running it on a shoe-string budget for the last year.”

The article also sites an example:

Students from Zimbabwe had been asking her for materials on Natural Medicine, and complained that they couldn’t find anything online. She pointed them to the resources that her fellow students had compiled, and which she had been using for a few weeks. The Zimbabweans couldn’t believe that Universities were publishing course materials like this online – Aqeelah proudly pointed out that not all Universities are doing it (I would like to add “not yet”), but that her friends were actually running the project.”

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