Book: The P2P Prospect (in Greek)

A new publication for our Greek-speaking audience: “The P2P Prospect” is a collaborative book in Greek –edited by Vasilis Kostakis and Christos Giotitsas– with fundamental texts of scholars and activists on the P2P theory and the Commons. It was just published by Voreiodytikes Publications: the pdf is freely accessible under a CC license whereas the physical copy can be bought at a price defined by the reader.

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Contributors: Michel Bauwens || David Bollier || Antonis Broumas || George Dafermos || Christos Giotitsas || Silke Hefric || Vasilis Kostakis||    Jakob Rigi || Graham Seaman || Johan Söderberg || Raul Victor.

The editors would like to thank the authors and the translators for their contribution to the realisation of this work. Everybody participated on a voluntarily basis.

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