Book of the Week: Share or Die (1)

Share or Die is the first collection of writing from Generation Y about post-college work and life in the 21st Century. It was recently published by, edited by Malcolm Harris.

A new economy based in collaboration rather than competition is growing, and young people are at the cutting edge. Unsatisfied with their parents’ communities, 20-somethings are using technology to build an entire infrastructure of social entrepreneurship dedicated to using less and sharing more. Share or Die chronicles some of these projects and gives readers the tools they need to join this new economy.

Here is the Table of contents of the book:


  1. Post-College Flowchart of Misery And Pain – Jenna Brager Front Inside Cover
  2. Editor’s Preface – Neal Gorenflo p.8
  3. Forward – Malcolm Harris p.10
  4. The Get Lost Generation – Malcolm Harris p.12



  1. The State of Gen Y – Jean-Yves Huwart p.18
  2. Things as Which I’ve Been Asked to Dress: Life in The Non-Profit Industrial Complex – Sam Miller p.26
  3. Unprepared: From Elite College to The Job Market – Sarah Idzik p.34
  4. Quitter – Emi Gennis p.44
  5. Take It And Leave It: Inside The Pack of A Modern Nomad – Nine p.48
  6. Heartbeats And Hashtags: Youth in Service – Hannah Bechsher p.54
  7. The Janus-Faced Craigslist: Comedy, Tragedy, And Video Games – Ryan Gleason p.60
  8. The Shareable Job Search – Regan Mcmahon p.68
  9. Emergent by Design – Venessa Miemis p.72
  10. Organizing The Precariat – Tom Judd p.78
  11. How to Start A Worker Co-Op – Mira Luna p.86



  1. Get on The Lattice – Astri von Arbin Ahlander and Yelizavetta Kofman p.92


  1. The Gen Y Guide to Collaborative Consumption – Beth Buczynski p.106
  2. Stranger Dinners – Arianna Davolos p.116
  3. Eating Rich, Living Poor – Melissa Welter p.122
  4. Flexible Lives, Flexible Relationships – Lauren Westerfield p.130
  5. Who Needs An Ivory Tower – Jenna Brager p.136
  6. Detroit, Community Resilience, And The American Dream – Milicent Johnson p.142
  7. Every Guest A Host: Inside A Nomad-Base – Robin p.156
  8. Screening for Gold: How to Find and Keep Your Good Housemate – Annamarie Pluhar p.164
  9. Generation Open – Chris Messina p.170
  10. How to Build A Housing Co-Op – Mira Luna p.176
  11. When Your Community Lets You Down – Corbyn Hightower p.182
  12. Post-College Flowchart of Infinite Potential – Jenna Brager Back

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