Book of the Week – Net Works: Case Studies in Web Art and Design

Our book of the week is the newly published “Net Works: Case Studies in Web Art and Design” edited by media artist and educator Xtine Burroughs.

The book is a collection of introductory essays by well known media theorists and artists on a range of topics including Art, Online Communities, Hacking, Remixing, Surveillance, Tactical Media and more.
While the book is intended to serve as an introductory text for students of digital media the range of topics and contributors it brings together guarantee it will also be of interest to those more familiar with digital media discourse.
The book also has a companion website with a multimedia gallery of projects which is well worth checking out.

From the publishers description –

“Net Works offers an inside look into the process of successfully developing thoughtful, innovative digital media. In many practice-based art texts and classrooms, technology is divorced from the socio-political concerns of those using it. Although there are many resources for media theorists, practice-based students sometimes find it difficult to engage with a text that fails to relate theoretical concerns to the act of creating. Net Works strives to fill that gap.
Using websites as case studies, each chapter introduces a different style of web project–from formalist play to social activism to data visualization and then includes the artists or entrepreneurs reflections on the particular challenges and outcomes of developing that web project. Scholarly introductions to each section apply a theoretical frame for the projects. A companion website offers further resources for hands-on learning.”

Below is a list of the books contributors the works of many of whom have previously been featured on the P2P Blog and Wiki.

Edward Shanken, Michael Demers, Constant Dullaart, Xtine Burroughs and Howard Rheingold, Robert Nideffer, Amy Franceschini, David Lu ,Myriel Milicevic, Trebor Scholz, Peter Baldes, Marc Horowitz, Brooke Singer, Christian Marc Schmidt, Mark Nunes, Fernanda Viégas, Martin Wattenberg, Ethan Ham, Christian Fuchs, Lee Walton, Eduardo Navas, Critical Art Ensemble, Carlos Motta, Eva Díaz, Freckles Studio, Stamatina Gregory, Molleindustria, Paolo Pedercini, David M . Berry, Michael Mandiberg, Steve Lambert, Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Beatriz da Costa, Conor Mc Garrigle, Ken Goldberg, Joseph DeLappe, Jonah Brucker-Cohen.

If you would like to find out more the books introduction is available to read on the wiki –

Net Works: Case Studies in Web Art and Design is available to purchase from the publisher Routledge, from Amazon and other book stores.

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