Book of the Day: A Route Map to the Enabling State

A Route Map to the Enabling State. Sir John Elvidge. Carnegie UK Trust, 2014




“The Carnegie UK Trust has been a supporter and advocate of community led initiatives and ‘bottom up’ approaches to decision making and development throughout our 100 year history. Whether it was our early support for rural community councils or more recently community ownership of land, our Trustees have long recognised the power of community led activity to transform wellbeing.
It has been increasingly apparent that traditional models of public service delivery can not solve our most complex social problems. In recent years we have seen policymakers and politicians take a growing interest in’ bottom up’ ways of working that give citizens and communities more control. A new more responsive and engaged type of state is emerging which we have described as an ‘Enabling State’. Progress, however is not linear. As our own research The Rise of the Enabling State shows, this shift is occurring in a piecemeal way, transformative language is being appropriated by those with vested interests and the narrative of the changing role of the state is at risk of being conflated with that of austerity and public service retrenchment.

In this document Sir John Elvidge presents the Enabling State and sets out eight steps that governments can take to improve the wellbeing of all sections of our society, to support individuals and communities to achieve positive change and ensure that the most vulnerable people are not left behind.”



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