Book of the Day: Off the Network

* Book: Off the Network: Disrupting the Digital World. By Ulises Mejias. Univ. of Minnesota Press, 2013

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“Off the Network is a fresh and authoritative examination of how the hidden logic of the Internet, social media, and the digital network is changing users’ understanding of the world—and why that should worry us. Ulises Ali Mejias suggests how we might begin to rethink the logic of the network and question its ascendancy.”


  • “This is an extraordinary book. The ‘paranodal’ critique made in Off the Network demands that we look at the social spaces that lie between, and are ignored by, network nodes; at the material basis on top of which supposedly immaterial networks rest; and at the vertical structures of political economic power that control the apparent horizontality of networks. In doing so, Ulises Ali Mejias delivers a devastating intellectual slam against conventional thinking about the Internet from both the left and the right.”

— Nick Dyer-Witheford, coauthor of Games of Empire


  • “Off the Network shows us that centralization of online services is not accidental. Take a look behind the social media noise and read how algorithms condition us. Ulises All Mejias carves out a postaffirmative theory of networks. No more debates about whether you are a dog or not; identity is over. Power returns to the center of Internet debates. Off the Network disrupts the illusion of seamless participation–it sides with the resisters and rejecters and teaches us to unthink the network logic. Its message: don’t take the network paradigm for granted.”

— Geert Lovink, author of Networks Without a Cause.

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  1. AvatarBob Haugen

    I’m reading the book. The Acknowledgments say “I acknowledge […] Michel Bauwens and Juan Martín Prada for their reactions to a presentation made in 2009 at the fourth Inclusiva-­net meeting in Madrid.”

    Would be very interested in the details of those reactions, and any other comments you have on the book.

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