P2P Book of the Day: Life Without Money

Book: Life Without Money; Building Fair and Sustainable Economies. Co-edited by Anitra Nelson and Frans Timmerman.

Stefan Meretz:

“The ten contributors to Life Without Money argue that we need to dispense with monetary values and relationships — yes, money per se — in order to manage our world on the basis of humane and natural values.

The book brings together diverse voices with strong arguments against our money-based system’s ability to improve lives and prevent environmental disaster. It provides a strategy for undercutting capitalism by refusing to deal in money, and offers money-free models of governance and collective sufficiency. Life Without Money is written by high-profile activist scholars, including Harry Cleaver, Ariel Salleh and John O’Neill, and is an inspiring manifesto for those who want to take action.

However, the book cannot be obtained »without money«, it has to be purchased in a bookstore. And the website indicates, that strict copyright applies.”

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  1. AvatarJulia

    I’m going to order this book. It would fit in nicely with my senior thesis topic (that being, the philosophy of money and how a money-culture shapes our worldviews).

  2. AvatarChook Owner

    We’ve been immersing ourselves in doing voluntary community work, and have turned into volunteer ‘junkies’. What we’re discovering is that it builds social capital and value in a most unexpected way and we are feeling richer and richer and spending less and less money. In fact, we are giving money away more and more to support other groups in the community that are doing things we want to support. While it seems obvious there has to be a bottom limit to this process, it actually seems to be steadily increasing.

    We have another friend, Chris, who also seems to have tapped into this. He said a few days ago that he now owns properties all over the place in beautiful locations. What he means is that he has social contacts with their owners and he has established that he is always welcome to take his campervan and go and stay at any of these places. It is this sort of thing, where it is not money but something quite different that builds and grows into deep wealth.

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