Book of the Day: Flat World Navigation, Collaboration and Networking

* Book: Kim Chandler McDonald. Flat World Navigation, Collaboration and Networking: Building dynamic relationships in the global digital economy. Kogan Page, 2015

A book about how the business world is adapting to networking through ‘social business design’.

Here is a summary:

“The future of doing business successfully centres around the ability to make and maintain authentic connections in a global, attention-based economy. Flat World Navigation introduces the essential concepts of this ‘flattened world’ of the DACE (Digital, Attention and Collaboration Economies) and shows how connecting and communicating authentically – across departments, organisations, cultures, countries and continents – is key when navigating this new business landscape. Those who can transform themselves into flat world navigators, experts in mediating these powerful relationships and in bringing the customer into the conversation, will mean the difference between success and failure in business.

Exploring the essential skills, tools, techniques and technologies involved in making and maintaining these relationships, Flat World Navigation illustrates how individuals can access and accentuate these skills, which are pivotal to moving careers forward and building bigger, better, globally competitive business. Offering a provocative challenge to those who see social media as a panacea, Kim Chandler-McDonald successfully argues that it is only one part of the flat world navigator’s tool kit and a new approach is needed to unlock its power. Combining the best elements of networking, social media outreach and collaborative techniques, flat world navigation is an essential capability to build and maintain relationships between colleagues, customers and partners.

Sharing exclusive insights and interviews with international business leaders who successfully use the skills inherent in flat world navigation, this ground-breaking book underlines its immense value as the future of work in the global digital economy. Grounded in real-world experience and offering tools and insights to build your skills base, Flat World Navigation is an invaluable resource to support, inspire, guide and assist all those involved in building business connections who are looking to rapidly advance their careers and businesses by becoming pivotal to building bigger and doing better business. Additionally, it is of great use to business owners/managers looking to effectively leverage the skills of these flat world navigators, whose critical role brings attention to ideas, products, services and, as such, must be part of a successful business strategy.”