Book of the Day: Feasta’s Sharing for Survival

* Book: Sharing for Survival: Restoring the Climate, the Commons and Society. Feasta, 2012

A 200-page collection of essays by nine Feasta Climate Group members:

‘Sharing for Survival recognises that official climate policy is dominated by states in thrall to fossil fuel and financial lobbies. It offers a realistic radical way to rapidly reduce emissions through stabilising the economy and ensuring social justice. Its authors explore climate policy in a way that ensures social justice and equity matter, recognising that the UNFCCC process is going nowhere. They explore the impact of fossil fuel depletion on the climate crisis, and challenge the idea that the climate crisis can be resolved in a growth economy.

The book’s editor, ecological economist Brian Davey, is a long-time Feasta member and co-ordinator of the Cap and Share campaign for cutting carbon emissions. The book concludes with the final piece of work by our much-loved late colleague, Richard Douthwaite, with help from David Knight: an essay entitled “Time for some optimism about the climate crisis”.

The UK launch of the book will take place on April 13th 2012 at 6:30pm at Machynlleth, Wales, as the kick-off for the Feasta Climate Group weekend (see above). There will also be a launch in Ireland in May 2012; details about that will be announced shortly.”

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