Book of the Day: The ‘End of Power’ by Moises Naim

Tom Atlee writes:

“Naim suggests that globalization, economic growth, a growing global middle class, the spread of democracy, and rapidly expanding telecommunications technologies have changed our world. Together these developments have created a fluid and unpredictable environment which has unsettled the traditional dominions of power.”

Atlee’s review reveals limitations on Naim’s perspective, namely favor of the macro powers in the face of distributed micro-organization, and leaves one with the impression that Naim’s writing laments the decay of what Atlee refers to as ‘Power-Over’ from the ego/anthropo-centric perspective, while ignoring the ‘power-among’ of the natural world of self-organization as is actively emergent at this time.

Read Atlee’s full review here:

My entire family, and many of my friends are now using it.

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