Book of the Day: Designing for Transformation

* Book: Designing for Transformation: Stories, principles and practical ways in which we can innovate to a better future (No Straight Lines Project). By Alan Moore

A summary:

“Dynamic, disruptive and systemic change is presenting businesses and organisations with extraordinary challenges that are economic, technological, societal and cultural ­ all are conjoined and hence complex. How do today¹s organisations innovate to adapt in an uncertain world?

The world we live in today, without a doubt, could fittingly be described as Œthe last of the Kodak moments¹. Squeezing efficiency out of the old way of doing things will not build a brighter future. There is a growing realisation that we are faced with a pressing design challenge of Œwhat next¹ looks like for businesses and organisations; a need to upgrade to be able to belong to the extraordinary human evolution that points towards a more participatory, co-operative and regenerative model of our society.”

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