Book of the Day: Creating an Economy for the Common Good

Christian Felber announced during the recent Solidarity Economy conference in Berlin (September 2015) that more than 300 businesses are already using the Common Good accounting system.

Here’s the book that explains why that is needed:

* Book: Christian Felber. Change Everything. Creating an Economy for the Common Good. ZED Books, 2015

Here is the description:

Is it possible for businesses to have a bottom line that is not profit and endless growth, but human dignity, justice, sustainability and democracy? Or an alternative economic model that is untainted by the greed and crises of current financial systems?

Christian Felber says it is. Moreover, in Change Everything he shows us how. The Economy for the Common Good is not just an idea, but has already become a broad international movement with thousands of people, hundreds of companies, and dozens of communities and organizations participating, developing and implementing it. Published in English for the first time, this is a remarkable blueprint for change that will profoundly influence debates on reshaping our economy for the future.”

The book’s CORE IDEAS are:

* Economic success is currently measured using monetary indicators like the Gross Domestic Product and financial balance sheets. Success is not measured in terms of human needs, quality of life, and fulfilment of fundamental values but the accumulation of money. A “Common Good Product” and “Common Good Balance Sheet” will fundamentally rectify this distorted thinking and practice.

* One-sided economic thinking is replaced by a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, whose proposals are based on scientific and empirical research: game theory, neurobiology, social psychology, philosophy etc.

* It is an open and evolutionary approach promoting learning from experience and open to integrating elements from other similar and related approaches like solidarity economy, economic democracy, degrowth, blue economy, care economy, gift economy, and others.”