It’s great to see our friends at Sensorica get an opportunity to experiment their open value accounting system with a research grant, here at the details:

“The Block Chain Access project is funded by IRAP-CNRC (Canadian National Research Council). This small feasibility study aims to explore how block chain technology applies to access management for physical spaces, and provide a proof of concept. We do that in the most unbiased and generic way, not bounded by any possible business model, not influenced by any institutional structure.

The larger context of this project is physical assets management. SENSORICA’s interest is network assets management, as part of the OVN model.

SENSORICA is collaborating with eVision and Living Labs Montreal.

Main immediate stakeholders

The Canadian Federal Government needs this study in order to understand how it can reduce bureaucracy associated with access, taking into consideration their requirements and their reality, from low security to high security buildings and offices.

Caisse Desjardin is interested in applying block chain technology to managing access to their facilities. They will be part of another proof of concept that will be handled by Living Labs MTL, our partners in this project.

SENSORICA and OuiShare MTL are interested in using the block chain technology to facilitate access to Montrealers to shared spaces such as fab labs, makerspaces, co-working spaces, and later to equipment that can be found in these spaces.


The project has been initiated by Tiberius Brastaviceanu in OuiShare MTL under the name of Open Space Access. Over time, the momentum has shifted within SENSORICA, with the implementation of an NFC access system for the SENSORICA Montreal lab. This activity has lead to a partnership with eVision and Living Labs MTL and a contract with the CNRC for this feasibility study.

You may find more information about this project on SENSORICA’s relevant page – this is your first stop for everything.

Jim Anastasiou and Tiberius Brastaviceanu are responsible for this project. They play the role of interface between the SENSORICA OVN.

This project will be structured on SENSORICA’s NRP-VAS.

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