Best Netlabel Music compilations

We dived into the deep ocean of free music and came back with this adventurous compilation. Explore with us music from all over the globe, from Indie-Pop to Techno to Drum’n’Bass to Ambient.

Phlow Magazine has a number of compilations of the best ‘netlabel’ music out there.

As Netlabelism wrote already quite a while ago:

The goal is to bring every month an anthology of the best tunes around the world. The title of the series is “Their Finest Hour”. We are very happy with this initiative, because there’s tons and tons of music on the internet and netlabels, and we welcome every effort to filter and organise this stuff. Thanks Phlow! The releases are made with much care, love and respect. There’s streaming, download per tune, zip-file and a nice cover.”

These netcompilations are freely available.

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