Barcelona Protest Camp #acampadabcn

Statement from the people who have been occupying Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona since yesterday following the marches for real democracy in 60 Spanish cities on Sunday ahead of municipal elections on May 22. A similar camp in Madrid was evicted by riot police this morning. Follow the hashtags #15M #acampadabcn #acampadasol #catalanrevolution #spanishrevolution for up to date info:

Hey, thanks for your concern, enjoying your visit to Barcelona? We hope you do but maybe you would like to know some things we have in our country nowadays, not pretty things and the reason why we are here now, and many people in other cities of Spain are doing the same, not officially as a continue of the 15th of May protests or simply something improvised. We want you to know that and bring that information to your home, you can also collaborate bringing that information sheet to your hotel or friends and not throwing it to the bin!

Did you know that… with all the money that fly away to fiscal paradises every year from our country the pensions to retired people could be raised on an 80%
… with a month of salary of Mr Rajoy (president of the PP party) a retired with 4 kids could live two years and a half
… the decontrol is that big that nobody (person or institution) knows how many politicians are drawing from the state
…a normal worker needs to demonstrate 35 years of work for getting the maximum retirement pension. A politician needs only 7.
…the retention from the salary of a politician is only the 4.5%
…the people in Spain pays the traffic fines of their politicians
…Zapatero is the only president of the EU that charges his holidays to the public budgets
…there is no information anywhere of job absenteeism in politicians (and we know they do)
…the deputies can use trains, boats and planes charging the cost to the public budget, and they have 5 MILLION€ every year for  that
…the politicians are the only that can draw two public salaries at the same time. For normal people this is banned by law
…the Spanish congress spend every year 160.000€ in Christmas presents, and 11000 public posts get presents in 2.2 MILLION €
…every Spanish owes 566€ to the banks because of the debts of the city councils
…deputies that don’t live in Madrid get also a 1823€ monthly extra pay for hosing and moving. The locals get 870€ a month out of taxes. This equals to the salary of 12 MILLION people
…since a near time ago every eurodeputie could waste 17000€ per month for contracting relatives. Most of them introduced their couples or brothers-in-law
…the politicians use official cars for private issues: the Rioja government (the smallest of our country) wasted 200000€ in extra pays in 2008, and the official cars were used during 870000 kilometers (crossing Spain from west to east 4 and a half times).
…a politician from any autonomic community will get 45000€ per year when retired. A normal person can’t get more than 32000€ by law
…there’s no legal limit for representation eatings (lunch, dinner…) for a Spanish politician
…only the 33% of the Spanish politicians dedicates exclusively to the politic job. The most of them get salaries from private corporations, foundations and so on. There are deputies that have 12 different salaries.
…the corruption map of Spain has 177 points involving more than 700 MILLION €
…every parliamentary of autonomic, regional or even local city councils fixes its own salary. There are mayors of 900 people population cities that get more than 4000€ per month. The Marbella mayor was getting more than Zapatero: 84000€ per year in a city budgets that were supposed to be in failure
…we had a labor reformation the last September that reduced the worker’s rights and was supposed to solve the rising unemployment. Before the reformation there were 4.5 MILLION people unemployed (20%), and now we have 4.9 MILLION people (near 22%)
…Spain is one of the countries with more temporal contracts: the 30% of the current contracts are temporal, when the temporality average in Europe is only of the 17%
…the electoral law in Spain benefits the two most representative parties: every deputy costs around 77000 votes for PP and PSOE, and costs 900000 votes for IU party and obviously, they are the only ones that can change that but not well-disposed to do nothing
…the members of the two more representative parties in Spain wasted 66 MILLION€ in the general 2008 elections; 44 MILLIONS were given by banks, banks that evicted 66000 families because of liquidity lack and the parties owe 144 MILLION€ to those banks
…the most of the jobs you find in your life are because you know somebody or get recommended by somebody, languages or degrees are something secondary if you know (or your parents know) your future employer
…every senator has 1.7 MILLION€ per year in phone wastes
… the PP has refused many times opening the communal graves of the Spanish civil war, and has refused retiring Franquist symbols in many cities
… the PP party was founded by an ex-minister of Franco and is an evolution of Alianza Popular, composed by falangists ministers (a fascist party) and franco’s ministers
…black economy is almost the 20% of the total production of our country
…there are 3000 communal graves with 30000 republican unknown people in them all over the country
…the only person condemned in 40 years for something involving Franco’s dictatorship… is the judge that tried to investigate the crimes and open the graves, Baltasar Garzón. Now is working in the Haya tribunal for the human rights.
…Spain is the European country with more 500€ notes, the 25% of the 500€ notes are in our country
…80000 MILLION € are circulating in currency in Spain, almost 50000 MILLION are in 500€ notes, and I’ve seen only 3 or 4 of them in 10 years
…and there’s only a little example of what is happening now and why we are here. People are getting tired of lies, manipulation, and corruption. A new kind of politics is possible!!!!

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Barcelona Protest Camp

No lo tires!!!
Sabías que…* con todo el dinero que escapa cada año a paraísos fiscales las pensiones se podrían incrementar un 80%?
… amb un mes de salari del senyor Rajoy un jubilat amb 4 fills podria viure dos anys i mig?
… el descontrol es tal que nadie (institución o persona) sabe el número exacto de cargos que están cobrando del estado?
…un ciutadà corrent necessita cotitzar 35 anys per obtenir la pensió máxima. Un polític només en necesita 7?
…la retención en nómina de los politicos es solo del 4,5%?
…els espanyols paguem les multes de transit dels nostres politics?
…Zapatero es l’únic president de la UE que carrega el cost de les seves vacances al presupost public de l’estat?
…no existe información pública sobre el absentismo laboral de los políticos?
…els diputats poden fer servir trens, vaixells i avions amb càrrec a l’erari public. Disposen de 5 MIL·LIONS anuals per això?
…los políticos son los únicos a quienes se les permite cobrar dos salarios públicos a la vez. Para los demás ciudadanos está prohibido por ley?
…el congrés de l’estat espanyol es va gastar 160.000€ en regals de nadal el 2008. 11.000 càrrecs públics van rebre regals per valor de 2.2 MIL·LIONS €?
…cada español debe a los bancos 566€ por las deudas de los ayuntamientos?
…els diputats que no viuen a Madrid reben a més una paga especial per desplaçaments i dietes de 1823€. Els locals no obstant reben 870€ lliures d’impostos. Això equival al salari de 12 MIL·LIONS de persones?
…hasta hace poco los eurodiputados españoles disponían de 17.000€ mensuales para contratar a gente de confianza. Obviamente muchos introdujeron a esposas y cuñados?
…els polítics fan servir els cotxes oficials per assumptes privats: el govern de La Rioja, el més petit de l’estat, es va gastar el 2008 200.000€ en pagues extres i els cotxes oficials van recórrer 870.000km (quatre cops i mig anar del cap de creus a finisterre i tornar)?
…cualquier político recibirá unos 45.000€ anuales en el momento de retirarse. Para un ciudadano de a pie por ley está fijada una pensión màxima de 32.000€?
…no hi ha límit legal pel cost dels menjars de representació dels polítics?
…Telefónica, después de incrementar un 30% los beneficios en 2010 y ganar más de 10.000 MILLONES de € hechará al 20% de la plantilla a la calle antes de 2012?
…només un 33% dels diputats es dediquen exclusivament a la labor política, els demés complementen el seu sou col·laborant en fundacions o actuant com a assessors de grans companyies. Hi ha diputats que tenen fins a 12 sous diferents.
…el mapa de la corrupción en España incluye 177 puntos y más de 700 MILLONES de € actualmente.
…cada parlamentari autonòmic, regional o municipal es fixa el seu propi sou. Hi ha alcaldes de localitats amb 900 habitants que cobren quasi 4000€ mensuals. Marisol Yagüe quan era alcaldessa de Marbella cobrava més que Zapatero: 84.000€ l’any en un ajuntament que es suposava en fallida econòmica?
…la reforma laboral de septiembre se suponía que acabaría con los 4.5 MILLONES de parados (un 20%). Ahora tenemos 5 MILLONES de parados (un 22%)?
…Espanya és un dels països amb més temporalitat: el 30% dels contractes són temporals quan la mitja europea és del 17%
…Banco Santander ha aumentado un 35% los beneficios desde que empezó la crisis?
…los miembros de PP y PSOE se gastaron 66 MILLONES de € en las generales de 2008, de los cuales 44 MILLONES fueron préstamos bancarios. Esos mismos bancos desahuciaron a 66.000 familias ese mismo año por falta de liquidez. Esos partidos deben 144 MILLONES en préstamos?
…segons José Molina Molina, antic assessor d’hisenda, el frau fiscal espanyol és molt superior a les retallades pressupostàries?
…cada senador dispone de 1.7 MILLONES para gastos telefónicos al año?
…hi ha 80.000 polítics electes en el total de l’estat que costen 720 Milions € (més que el pressupost anual de tota la xarxa ferroviària, i tres vegades més que el que es destina al patrimoni nacional)?
… según un reciente estudio la gran mayoría de empresas del IBEX-35 tienen alguna relación directa o indirecta con un paraíso fiscal?
…la economía sumergida supone más del 20% del PIB de nuestro país?
…José Ignacio Goirigolzarri s’ha prejubilat del BBVA amb 55 anys i una pensió de 3 MILIONS € anuals?
… España es el segundo país europeo donde más comisiones bancarias se pagan, sólo por debajo de Italia. Dichas comisiones ni se declaran en los beneficios ni los bancos pagan IVA por ellas?
…el nostre país té el 25% de tots els bitllets de 500€ en circulació de tota la UE?
…80.000 MILLONES de € es la cantidad de dinero en circulación en España, de los cuales casi 50.000 MILLONES lo hacen en billetes de 500€?


*La mayoría de la información aquí prestada proviene del libro: La casta, el increíble chollo de ser político en España, de Daniel Montero; e informaciones obtenidas en la red.

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