AT&T Files Letter Of Commitment on Net Neutrality

Save The Internet Blog reports that AT&T has conceded in a letter to the FCC(PDF) to follow net neutrality principles for at least 24 months. The letter states in part that AT&T:

According to AT&T’s letter, the merged company: “… commits that it will maintain a neutral network and neutral routing in its wireline broadband Internet access service. This commitment shall be satisfied by AT&T/BellSouth’s agreement not to provide or to sell to Internet content, application, or service providers, including those affiliated with AT&T/BellSouth, any service that privileges, degrades or prioritizes any packet transmitted over AT&T/BellSouth’s wireline broadband Internet access service based on its source, ownership or destination.” also suggests some actions that concerned people can take to help net neutrality become the law.

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