Our friends at Artfarm in Hvar pinged us to highlight their donations campaign. Read the text below to get a feel for their project, or visit them at the fantastically named starwingartists.com

ArtFarm: Since 2013, when we bought 1300 m2 of land and small stone house, Artfarm has been our international project combining art and organic agriculture on the Croatian island of Hvar.

It is situated in the Starigrad Plain (in Greek: “Hora”, in Roman: “Ager”), a UNESCO protected agricultural area, close (2km) to the fisherman village and the beaches of Vrboska.


Our main art activity is the “artist in residence” program, where invited artist come to Artfarm, stay there a minimum of 10 days and interact with the physical and social environment.

Our organic garden and orchard produces vegetables and fruit during the whole season from May till October.

We enjoy a special position of importance on the island, as we are the place promoting the alternative culture and at the same time staying out of the tourist industry.

In 2017 we established the “1010 Festival”. “1010” is for 10 artists (or academics) who stay on Artfarm for 10 days. We had 2 monthly events from the 1st of May through the 6th of October: acoustic concerts, “megaphone” lectures, performances and debates, with an audience combining local and foreign visitors.

stone festival poster


OMFO (German Popov)- musician, Ukraine

2 weeks residence, 4 concerts

Takako Hamano– visual artist, Japan

2 weeks residence, paintings

Nina Targan-Mouravi– visual artist, Georgia

10 days residence, performance, painting

Nova Yorke– performer, Netherlands

1 week residence, performance

Maja Vodopivec, academic, University of Leiden, Netherlands

3 weeks residence, lecture

Duro Toomato, artist, Netherlands

5 months residence, signs and installations

Marta Petrinjak, painter, musician, Croatia

3 months residence, exposition “Hora”

and 1 concert

Kingalita, singer/dancer, Hungary

5 months residence, singing lessons,

8 concerts, Hvar and Vis Islands

Otoji & Rai, music duo, violin, double bass,

Japan, 3 weeks residence, 8 concerts, Hvar

and Vis Islands

Martina Matkovic, percussionist, Croatia

2 weeks residence, 7 concerts

Goulash Disko”, we were part of the music festival, 5 concerts in Komiza, Vis Island

Dancing Street”, 3 concerts in Stari Grad

(co-produced with “Gallery Fantazam” and

“Music Room Paiz”).


To improve facilities on Artfarm:

– make a more powerful solar energy system to be able to project art movies and documentaries

– improve the walls/fence around our land to get better garden protection from wild pigs, rabbits and pheasants.

– improve sleeping facilities for the visiting artists

– build a dance floor/stage and cinema screen

– increase our budget for hosting “artists in residence” and produce “1010 Festival”.

Mr.Fixer” services:

– develop further information/advice services to help our visitors to stay out of tourist industry and experience the island from the inside.

Start initiative to end the use of (Monsanto!) pesticides & herbicides in the Starigrad Plain:

“Cidokor” (glyphosate, Round-up) is still used by many local people to kill grass and weeds. We plan to end its use as much as possible. One way is to offer to locals (mostly winemakers) to manually (4-6 times per year) cut the grass in their fields as substitute for using herbicides.

Produce “1010 Festival” 2018 – here new ideas for residenties (to be confirmed)

Visual art, performance, lectures:

Gerindo Kamid Kartadinata, performer and environmental activist, Netherlands

Elica Grdinic, lawyer, European Court of Human Rights, France

Stefan Halikowsky, historian, University of Swansea, UK

Judith Witteman, visual artist, Netherlands

3D street graffiti artists (in contact)


Baba Zula, music group, Turkey

Levent Guzel, percussionist, Turkey

Evgeny Suvorkin, accordionist, Russia/Belgium

Stefanos Sekeroglou, violinist, Greece

Tlazolteoti Orkestra, music group, Mexico

Gypsy band from Hungary (in contact)

Small music sub-festival, (3 days in September).

Dance workshops (tango, belly dancing).

Singing lessons (Gypsy style, Turkish traditional)

And more.

As a non-profit foundation (NGO, charity), for presenting our programs we depend on the donations of our supporters, members and sponsors.


10 Euro or more

you can visit Artfarm, meet the artists, have a free pancake lunch (with goat cheese and/or vegetables),free drink and get informed about public events.

100 Euro or more

– You can visit Artfarm, feel at home, meet the artists, and have free drink and lunch.

– You are invited to attend all the events on Artfarm and get free drinks (audience number

is limited to maximum 50 invited visitors).

OMFO concert

– You get the music of the musicians we host.

– You receive Mr. Fixer advice to be able to stay on Hvar Island outside of the tourist industry.

– You get all the local tips and translations:

from booking accommodation to hand made maps of best private beaches & biking and hiking secrets.

– You get secret tips for local pesticide-free (organic/bio) wine and food.

– You get all of our knowledge and contacts for travel around Croatia and the Balkans.

For donating via PayPal, credit card or IBAN (specify “donation for project Artfarm Mola Blaca”) visit our website:


Questions before and/or after donating? Staying informed? To receive our program updates and reserve lunches and events? Contact us via email:

[email protected]

Our NGO foundation details:

László Kinga, Djuro Grdinic (board members/art farmers)

Stichting Starwing Artists

Overtoom 301

1054 HW Amsterdam, NL

Chamber of commerce registration number:


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