Arnfinsen Interviews Mr. Future Himself: The Commoner Giant David Bollier

Listen to the interview:

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Halleluja! When I sent J.A. Arnfinsen an exemplar of David Bollier’s book “Think Like a Commoner” last month I knew he wouldn’t be able to put it aside, although he said his schedule was full. Bollier’s book is just too good! Mr. Arnfinsen told me so too, and a better recommendation than from this brilliant young man could not been given.
The Commons is the future! And as the commoner giant David Bollier is, we are here hearing the voice of the future of our civilization.
Please spread this interview wide and far! Let’s save Norway and the world from the siamese troll named the market/state-duopoly! Let’s regain control of our shared world and inheritage!
Norwegians: Let’s give our country to the Commons!
Thank you James!!! I LOVE YOU!

I knew Bollier’s book would make a huge impact on Arnfinsen. This book is a must read for everyone who care for our shared future. Buy the book here.

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