AntiCafe Coworking Space

A news pace has opened in Rome, a space that someone might consider strange, but nonetheless innovative and special.

Leonardo Rossi:

The concept is quite simple: AntiCafé is not a simple bar where you go and pay for your drinks; it is an open space where you pay hourly and you can use all the services provided for as long as you want.

This new place is a sort of hybrid between a simple bar and a place of co-working that offers a restoration service with open buffet, free wifi and all the service related, like scanners, printing devices and projectors, and all these services are included in the hourly fares of the place.

The main goal is to make this place a sort of friendly office, where customers can go and have all the things they want, or where to share common ideas and help their creativity, or simply hanging out with some friends.

One of the strong points of this place is the design of the interiors, made by three famous French designers, the BonkersLab, that chose wood, bricks and iron for the AntiCafé, in a winning mix of antan atmospheres and modern spaces, essential and minimalist at the same time, with tables to share, couches and a big kitchen.

Another strong point of such place is the quality of the products used, since everything arrives directly from the local retailers; nevertheless it is possible for the clients to bring their own food and drinks (even alcoholic ones) from home and consume them there.

The last strong point is the fares: facing the great services offered by the AntiCafé, one might expect extremely high fares: instead it is only 4 euros for the first hour and 3 for the others from the second on; there are also daily and monthly subscriptions and a special discount for students.”

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