Announcing UPSTREAM- Launch of a Podcast about Economics for Transition

Check out this cool new podcast, they’ve used some of our work to analyse the so-called sharing economy (and to imagine more honest alternatives).

A project team called Economics for Transition has just launched UPSTREAM, a podcast of radio documentaries and interviews highlighting cutting-edge stories of global leaders and initiatives challenging and transforming our dominant economic system.

So far, the show has generated an exceptional response, it made it to the “new and noteworthy” section of Itunes within the first week and has generated over 1000 downloads and listens. Additionally, Steve Fraser, author of The Age of Acquiescence called it a “richly detailed, informative, and entertaining podcast helps to unmask the masquerade.”

In their pilot episode, The Sharing Economy? they look at how companies like Airbnb and Uber have influenced an entire generation and entirely shifted the economic landscape of major cities like San Francisco. Through candid conversations with journalists and industry insiders, they uncover the dark side of these giant companies and investigate how this phenomenon arose and what dramatic implications are in store. The conclusion they arrive at, which is in direct alignment with the work of the P2P Foundation, is a call for a true sharing economy, one based on shared profit and economic democracy.

To be able to continue to challenge mainstream media’s portrayal of “the economy” and celebrate new economic initiatives, they are asking for your support and participation, here’s how you can help:

Thank you!

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