Announcement on Two Psyop Operations Targetting the P2P Foundation and its Networked Relationships

Dear friends,

This is an important announcement.

We probably won’t give more details than this, except orally through Skype or some other more confidential medium.

A sister organisation and the p2p foundation were victims of two ‘psy-ops’ that came in the form of forgeries and intrusion that resulted in the blocking and email deletions of strategic relationships in both skype and gmail. What had seemed communication flukes turned out to be willful disruptions. It seems that at least since December last year my gmail box has been manipulated and this quite extensively. The person responsible has been identified and admitted responsiblity, but I still find it hard to believe this was a one-man operation, given the sophistication of the forgeries and the strategy of disrupting key relationships and communications.

This has caused serious harm to key relationships, and it has affected communication with about 55 targetted individuals. They are identified here. Seven or 8 names were accidentally deleted before understanding the significance of the ‘filter’ list.

It seems the mailboxes are now safe, though I also switching more systematically to the new mailbox of [email protected] (and later on, to a more secure RiseUp mailbox).

In the meantime, if you feel certain crucial communications were not replied to, feel free to resend! We sincerely apologize for this lack of response, which was due to this technological sabotage.

We need a lot more support to get through trials like this, in terms of technical help from hackers, financial assistance to do our work in better circumstances, and help to continue build our knowledge commons!! Now is a good time to consider helping us and joining our community of contributors.

Anyone interested in making a donation can do so here:

Now is a good time to commit to building a knowledge commons to serve the p2p/commons/sharing-oriented transformation of our society, by supporting the P2P Foundation, through contributing content, technological advice and assistance, and financial support if you can. It would help in undoing the damage that was perpetrated.

Michel Bauwens

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