Anne Marie Naylor on Reclaiming Community Assets

Community, and specifically the empowering and distribution of assets within communities, has long been the driving force for Anne-Marie Naylor’s work. In 2008, she established the government-funded Asset Transfer Unit, working with over 30 partners to promote and support a nationwide community asset transfer environment. In 2013, this has become a new enterprise. Naylor is now the Associate Director of Locality, a new and innovative approach to delivering publically-owned assets to communities. Land and buildings, as well as entire institutions such as hospitals and ports, can benefit greatly from community ownership, and Naylor seeks to give people the tools to do this. Social inclusion, spatial and economic regeneration and working with the public, private and third sectors are all high on Naylor’s agenda, and she is turning her attention to technological and intellectual ownership as she continues to inspire and empower.

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