An update on the P2P Foundation’s resource areas

Dear friends:

I’m sure that most of our blog readers know about our Wiki, but perhaps not all, so, I would like to give you a rundown of the most recent activities and resources.

Concerning our Encyclopedia project, we have in excess of 300 entries, and given the volume, we are now creating specialixed areas such as P2P Learning, P2P Gaming, P2P Business. These are meant as easier portals for those with a specialized interest, and we would like to welcome volunteers to help maintain them, or to propose new ones.

We have also been expanding our list of resources and tools, by adding a new section of podcasts, another one on webcasts, as well as one on graphics that you can use in your presentations. So, if you want to listen or watch to the leading thinkers and activists in the field, such as Douglas Rushkoff speaking about the New Digital Renaissance, you know have a specialized page to find P2P-related audiovisual material, and you can also have a look at our experimental P2P Meme Map.

Finally, we’ve thinking about enhancing our income streams. We are volunteering our time, paying for our own resources, and some of us have to make do on very limited budgets. So we are playing around with ways to earn some micro-income but which in time, might become a more important enabler to our efforts. We will be integrating Google Adsense, but more interestingly, we will gradually embed recommended books in our encyclopedic resources. So that if you’re interested in knowing more, you’ll be able to order a book about it. As an example, see our entry on Open Access, where we list 2 books recommended by Peter Suber of the Open Access Movement.

By the way, the entry on Open Access is our most popular page, followed by:

2. Mass-Amateurization

3 Relational Spirituality

4. Sousveillance

5. Communal Validation

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