An update on the c,mm,n open source car project

Jaco Lammers was at the Oekonux 4 conference, talking about the status of the Dutch open source car project.

Here’s a brief telegram summary for those who are curious on the progress:

a brief summary:

– c,mm,n has been run like a project in 2007, aiming at that year’s Amsterdam Motorshow.
– That year c,mm,n showed a 1:1 mock-up of the exterior, an interior concept, two drive train concepts, a suspension setup and some intelligent vehicle systems. This was all created within one vision and concept of c,mm,n.
– After that project the big gap came: not much was done.
– In the summer of 2008 everything picked up again. New funding was found.
– Several students have started on the c,mm,n project. They developed new iterations of the c,mm,n concept.
– This time the project still ran ‘as a project’, but we are now erecting the c,mm,n foundation and creating the c,mm,n licence.
– This summer we would like to organise the c,mm,n summer garage.
– Goal: ‘driving prototype’ of the car.

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