An Update from P2P Plazas: a Southern European Network

P2P Plazas
We’re finally there. We completed one year of research looking for interesting, challenging and inspiring autonomous experiences in Southern Europe. Among other things, we’ve collaborated greatly with people across several countries and learned, even more, that we’re witnessing impressive process of cooperation and transformation of urban relationships and landscapes. And also, that those process are quite slow, fragile and unique.
Please find some hints of what we’ve been doing around during 2015:

/// map

Mapping is about sketching subjective representations and trying to understand, illustrate and share paths of knowledge. Although there are many more interesting places that deserve to be acknowledged and we have compiled them, we preferred to keep a short list of plazas in this map and select samples of good practices that show the complexity, possibilities, challenges and threatens of these autonomous spaces.  This research follows its own, simple taxonomy. There’s probably a million ways of improving it and making it more complete. However, we prefer to stick to the idea of one’s own way of looking at maps when it comes to follow P2P Plazas’ cartography:

/// experiences

Lately, we went asking different people from several autonomous spaces (orchards, cultural centers, self managed houses, community buildings…) in Madrid about their experiences. The result is a set of recipes on governance of urban commons. You may find the three initial ones here, interviewing Aida Rodríguez, Flavia Totoro and Marta Sorribes, but many more are to come (English subtitles will be available soon). Stay tuned through social media and our channel in Vimeo.
The production of these clips has been a collaboration with Bego Aramayona and María Ceinos, form Imaginario Social.

/// site

All the content and more information about different places in the cartography is available at

/// license

Last but not least… all the content is published under Creative Commons By-Sa-Nc

Thanks, enjoy, remix and stay in touch!

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