An overview of P2P Governance trends


Take a brief look at P2P Governance trends here. You can save the image and take your time to browse through its contents. Access the keywords via our wiki with each entry on the diagram with it’s own corresponding wiki entry, using its search box. There’s a great range of categories, from new forms of leadership and organizational priniciples to new capital formats, institutional formats and modes of social governance.

Credits go Purin Phanichphant

5 Comments An overview of P2P Governance trends

  1. AvatarIan Bruk

    I like it so much I have made it the header graphic to my weblog. (Hope that’s OK?) It is not that easy to find some of the titles at the Wiki for me. e.g. typing “new capital formats” doesn’t lead to a chapter with that title? Also would this be available in text format?

  2. AvatarMichel Bauwens

    Dear Ian,

    Can you give me the address of your blog?

    Every term/concept, but not the overall titles of the columns, are available in our wiki, by either putting it in the search box, or going to the alphabetical list of our Governance section.

    Please write me an email at michelsub2004 at gmail and I can forward it to the designer of the visualization, who may have a text copy.


  3. AvatarSam Rose

    This is nice, thanks James and Purin! Maybe this will help more people understand exactly what it is we’re all getting on about!

  4. AvatarBert McDert

    Hey folx, I dig this conceptual framework, and have incorporated it by reference into my call for an open constitutional convention on this mostly-political argument site I (for some reason still) belong to called essembly. We could always use an infusion of serious opiners, so if y’all wanna come shape the discussion about these models, by all means feel free – the url of the specific resolution (which they stupidly call resolves) is:

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