An extraordinary bibliography on participation

Bibliography of one of the three main paradigms constituting the P2P ethos: open and free input, participatory processes of value creation, and commons oriented output.


* Bibliography: Understanding participation: A literature review.

Pathways through Participation explains:

“Our project looks at participation in a very broad way, and covers a wide range of participatory activities that are often viewed in isolation. This broad approach to participation has informed our literature review, which is now available for download.

The review brings together different bodies of literature on participation, including literature on community development, volunteering, public participation, social movements, everyday politics and ethical consumption. It looks at the historical and current drivers of participation, the activities and actors of participation and different theoretical approaches that contribute to a better understanding of participation. It closes with our emerging ‘participation framework’ that we aim to further develop and refine in the subsequent stages of the project.”

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