Extracted from economyofhours.com, check out their 2016 Echo Impact Report:

We’re thrilled to present not only our first ever impact report, but also the first piece of research examining the social impact potential of a business-to-business time currency.

impactreportIn this research, we set out to examine the ways in which Echo can contribute to community connectivity and, ultimately, community prosperity. We think we do this by fostering local and social relationships, and by providing communities with a mechanism to share possibly untapped knowledge, skills and resources to build capacity. Finally, we think that the hard-wired equality of our currency serves as a catalyst for and facilitator of these benefits; one hour = one Echo, no matter what’s being offered.

Undertaking this research has been a valuable process in terms of the direct and detailed engagement with our members and the lessons we’ve learned, and we’d like to say a huge thank you to the hundreds of Echo members who took part, providing us with your valuable thoughts and feedback.

You can read our findings in full by downloading the report.

Download executive summary
Download full report

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