Alanna Krause on Enspiral’s Ethical Economy

Alanna Krause told us separately that this wonderful presentation was partly inspired by her participation in a in-depth 3-day conversation we co-organized with the Commons Strategies Group in Berlin, on the topic of Democratic Money for the Commons.

This video is a very personal testimony how Alanna and other co-founders of Enspiral wanted to change towards a more ethical economy that is generative to people and the earth:

“Alanna Krause of Enspiral tells the story of how Enspiral created a system for participatory budgeting, and a new internal economy between a community of 300+ entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers and change-makers dedicated to working on “stuff that matters”. After working in the financial sector through the Global Financial Crisis of 2007/2008, Alanna left the sector and succeeded in helping create a model for a new economy that works for everyone.”

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