A Swarm of Angels: Open Business Meets Peer-Produced Film Making


A Swarm of Angels is about making a £1 million movie and giving it away to one million people in one year. By using the Internet to gather together 50,000 people willing to pay £25 to join an exclusive global online community–The Swarm–the project’s ambition is to make the world’s first Internet-funded, crewed and distributed feature film.

Who?: Team.



1. Fund the project. Call for collaborators. Publicize and create marketing materials. Gather the first 1000 members. Develop the project and infrastructure. Start script development. Open the project up to more members.
2. Film. Collaborate. Develop scripts using a ‘wiki’. Crew through The Swarm. Funding drive for pre-production/production/post-production. Create marketing and final materials.
3. Flow. Master materials. Create spin-off materials. Publicize. Burn. Upload. Seed. Download. View. Remix. Share.


I think people would rather pay £25 or so to be part of an entertainment experience for over a year. Especially one based around the creation of an inspirational, cult project. A Swarm of Angels has the opportunity to make a mark on film and Internet history.

In purely material terms, the social and networking benefits of The Swarm should be value for money enough. If you add to this the access to to the filmmaking editorial process, the planned Collectors Edition DVD and other Swarm-only merchandise, it becomes a steal.

Also, be sure to check out the ongoing conversation following the post that I made at OpenBusiness.cc. The issues being raised there, and ideas generated are important for understanding and success in peer-produced media.

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